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Last Minute Travel Ideas!
Sun and Beach Getaways Last Minute Deals
Sun and Beach Getaways
Ski Last Minute Deals
Ski Last Minute Specials
Vegas and casino Last Minute Deals
Vegas & Casino Destination Last Minute Deals
Top Seller Last Minute Deals
Top Seller Last Minute Deals
All Inclusive Last Minute Deals
All Inclusive Resorts
Luxury Weekend Getaways
Luxury Weekend Getaways
Super saver last minute deals
Under $250.00 - Super Saver
International last minute deals
International Last Minute Deals
Last Minute Travel Deals are:

Weekend getaway packages for this weekend & next. We've got hundreds of constantly updated last minute packages including airfare, hotel, rental car (when needed) and often additional add-ons such as hot event tickets, walking tours of the city's hidden gems or pre-paid dinners at the best restaurants in town -- all for one great price

Sold from 14 days to 3 hours before departure. It's possible to log on to Last Minute Deals at lunchtime and be on your way to Miami, hotel, airfare and optional rental car included by 5pm!

Priced from $150 per person. Great deals can be yours at the last minute! Our flexible packages include a wide range of options and prices. Flight & Hotel packages usually start at about $200 per person, while Flight Plus packages --including airfare and more (such as rental car, dinner or an activity) -- and Hotel Plus packages -- including hotel accommodations and more (such as rental car, dinner or an activity) -- start at about $150

Packages with choice. You choose your flights and hotel room from some of the travel industry's most trusted brands, including Delta Air Lines, Continental Airlines, American Airlines, Bass Hotels, Starwood Hotels, Loews Hotels and Avis Rent-A-Car

Available now. Dynamic, real-time technology constantly updates flight, hotel and other travel information, ensuring that if a package is listed in the Last Minute Deals section -- it's definitely available right now. Availability is limited, though, and packages are removed from the site when they sell out, so when you see something you like, buy it! Last Minute Deals cannot be reserved.

Sun and Beach Getaway Ideas
Miami last minute deals
Miami, Fl from $282.00 per person.
You're Not Cheap, Just Thrifty
(Includes: Flight, Hotel, Taxes & Fees)
Tampa last minute travel deals
Tampa, Fl from $271.00 per person.
Sun-Filled Floridian Fun
(Includes: Flight, Hotel, Taxes & Fees)
Aruba last minute travel deals
Aruba from $495.00 per person.
Aaaah, Aruba!
(Includes: Flight, Hotel, Taxes & Fees)
All Inclusive Resorts Last Minute Deals
All Inclusive Cancun
Cancun, Mexico from $666.00 per person.
It All Adds up to Fun (All-Inclusive)
(Includes: Flight, All-Inclusive Hotel, Taxes & Fees)
All Inclusive Jamaica Deals
Runaway Bay, Jamaica from $691.00/pp.
Live Like a Lovebird (All-Inclusive)
(Includes: Flight, All-Inclusive Hotel, Taxes & Fees)
All Inclusive Negril deals
Negril, Jamaica from $853.00 per person.
3 Steps to Bliss (All-Inclusive)
(Includes: Flight, All-Inclusive Hotel, Taxes & Fees)
Under $250.00 Super Savers!
Boston last minute deals
Boston Vicinity, MA from $183.00 per person.
Wicked Smaahrt
(Includes: Flight, Hotel, Taxes & Fees)
Orlando Last minute deals
Orlando, FL from $238.00 per person.
Pixie Dust or Bust!
(Includes: Flight, Hotel, Taxes & Fees)
Top Seller Last Minute Travel Deals!
Las Vegas last minute deals
Las Vegas, NV from $297.00 per person.
Sin City Revival
(Includes: Flight, Hotel, Taxes & Fees)
South Beach Last Minute Travel Deals
Miami Beach, FL from $409.00 per person.
Where the Wild Things Are
(Includes: Flight, Hotel, Taxes & Fees)
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