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- Help with Flight Reservation
Assistance for Existing Reservations
Please read the Q&A below.
Q: I need to cancel my reservation.
A: If you made the reservation within the last 5 minutes, we may be able to cancel your reservation. Otherwise, you are going to have to call the airline directly to cancel. There will be a cancellation fee and most likely there will not be a refund.
Q: How do I change my date, time or destination?
A: If you would like to change your tickets, please contact the airline directly for a quote and availability. QIXO does not handle changes to tickets after issuance.
Q: I have not received a confirmation email or I want to know the status of my reservation.
A: Please CLICK HERE for our live help application.
Q: I have a question different from the above questions.
A: Please CLICK HERE for our live help application. Homepage About Travel and Destination Tools Customer Service and Travel Support contact travel help and F.A.Q.

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